"Under the license agreement (the "Agreement") dated April 30, 2020 , BevCanna will act as the exclusive licensee and co-packer for the award-winning Keef lines of beverages in Canada"
BevCanna To Exclusively License Award-Winning Keef Brands Infused Beverage Lines in Canada
Yahoo! Finance - May 05, 2020
""This partnership with Keef Brands is a fantastic opportunity for BevCanna," said John Campbell , Chief Strategy Officer at BevCanna. "Keef's robust U.S. co-pack and distribution network will be a significant asset to BevCanna's expansion plans in the U.S., and BevCanna's expertise in the Canadian infused beverage market will build Keef's Canadian presence. It's a strong combination, with excellent potential for both companies.""
BevCanna To Exclusively License Award-Winning Keef Brands Infused Beverage Lines in Canada
Investing News - May 05, 2020
"Erik Knutson, the co-founder and CEO at Keef Brands, also hailed BevCanna as “an ideal partner” for Keef to move forward with in both the North American and global markets. "The team's expertise in developing and launching appealing, innovative infused beverages is exactly what we've been seeking, and their experience in working within the Health Canada regulatory environment will be invaluable to Keef," Knutson said."
BevCanna To Exclusively License Award-Winning Keef Brands Infused Beverage Lines in Canada
Proactive - May 05, 2020
Cannabis Has Become a Major Threat to Alcohol
Real Money - April 21, 2020
"The original THC infused soda pop company, Keef Cola was founded in Boulder Colorado by Erik Knutson. His award-winning traditional sodas allow you to enjoy the effects of cannabis in the beverage form. Keef Cola is revolutionizing the beverage and cannabis industries, allowing it to be consumed socially. Consumers love the superb quality while enjoying the nostalgic feel of the staple fountain drink. It was the first company to allow both canna-curious and experienced consumers can enjoy a high-grade beverage and have a positive experience in the cannabis culture and community."
Keef Cola Makes Cannabis Consumption Social
NUGL - March 25, 2020
"Sure enough, Keef Brands released the first water-soluble cannabis formulation in early 2017."
Say ‘Hi’ to the New Sparkling Cannabis Drinks
Thrillist - March 01, 2020
"THC-Infused Lemonade"
Gift Guide: Eat, Drink + Be Merry
Cool Hunting - December 09, 2019
"On the heels of its 10-year anniversary infused cannabis beverage maker Keef Brands is rebranding with a new logo, product names and packaging. The refreshed look is currently being rolled out on the company’s beverage products in Colorado and California. The rebrand will be showcased in full by early next year."
This Week in Cannabis
Yahoo! Finance - December 09, 2019
"“We’ve been at the forefront of innovation around social cannabis consumption and product development for the past decade. It was only fitting that we celebrate our anniversary and 10 years strong in the space with a refresh for longtime Keef fans and new members of our social consumption family to enjoy” said CEO and co-founder Erik Knutson. “Our rebranding not only reflects how far we’ve come as a home-grown company, but how far the industry has come as a whole. We look forward to the next generation of Keef Brands.”"
Cannabis Beverage Company Keef Announces Rebrand
Bevnet - December 09, 2019
"Keef Brands, the groundbreaking developer, producer and distributor of cannabis-infused beverages, edibles, concentrates and more, has debuted a rebranded image, including a new logo, product names, lettering and labeling. The contemporary new look is currently being introduced on the multi-state operating company’s signature beverage lines in Colorado and California, and will be showcased on their full product portfolio by early 2020, coinciding with the veteran company’s 10-year anniversary."
Pioneering Cannabis Beverage Company Keef Brands Announces Rebrand with New Logo, Product Names and Packaging
Cannabis Business Executive - December 05, 2019
"Keef Brands, a Colorado cannabis company best known for its THC-infused sodas, has embraced the power of partnerships as it looks to grow the market for drinkables. Earlier this year, the company announced an agreement with CannaCraft to re-introduce its products to the California market. That partnership is one of a handful of deals inked by Keef Brands CEO Erik Knutson as the company has expanded its reach into multiple markets across the country."
Keef Brands CEO Discusses Partnership Growth Strategy
THCNet - December 02, 2019
"Mention the price of cannabis at a legal, regulated dispensary to a consumer and be prepared to get an impassioned earful. Mention 280E to a licensed cannabis business operator and also be prepared to get an impassioned earful – and rightfully so! Business owners get it and don’t want customers to pay premium prices. But it is important to understand the implications that are 280E, and more importantly, potential solutions."
Why Legal Cannabis is So Expensive: Understanding 280E and how the STATES Act Can Help
Cannabis Business Executive - November 21, 2019
"Social consumption lounges have the potential to be the safest places to consume and experiment with dosing. Other potential benefits of social consumption lounges are less tangible, but no less important: de-stigmatization, social connection, industry partnerships, and product innovation."
Why Legal Social Consumption Lounges Need to Be the New Norm
MG Magazine - November 12, 2019
Addressing Pain & PTSD For Veterans
Colorado Morning News - KOA - November 11, 2019
"Understand your local municipality and stay involved- We have had to move several times over the past decade due to changes in local regulations. These experiences pushed me to help co-found both and"
“5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started Leading a Cannabis Business”, with Erik Knutson
Medium/Authority - November 05, 2019
"Because I have pulmonary edema caused by trauma to the lungs from blast exposure while I was in the service, I choose not to smoke cannabis flower and instead use 100% plant-derived vape pens. Beverages have also been a welcomed alternative for my treatment with a fast activation time and precise dosing; they are a great alternative. I truly credit both THC and CBD products for helping me to remain off narcotics after detoxing and for my current pain management. My case is one of many success stories illustrating why access to medical cannabis for military veterans should be destigmatized and expanded, and why our government should fund medical cannabis research to produce more definitive conclusions on its likely benefits. "
Opinion: Why military veterans should have expanded access to medical cannabis
Colorado Sun - November 04, 2019
"Banking is also needed to help eradicate the black market and deter internal theft, says Erik Knutson, founder of Denver-based Keef Brands, which produces cannabis-infused beverages, edibles and concentrates."
SAFE Banking Act could facilitate financial services for cannabis
Colorado Springs Independent - October 30, 2019
"Keef Cola is the first THC Cola out there and comes in a bunch of flavors too. Your guests can choose from Blue Razz, Purple Passion, and the award-winning Bubba Kush Root Beer. Keef Sparkling is a zero-calorie bevs and Keef shots come in Mojito and Keef-A-Rita flavors. So if you really want to make a cannabis-infused cocktail, you can."
Have a spooky Halloween with these CBD and THC infused treats
Kulture Hub - October 25, 2019
How 280E Became The Pot Industry's Boogeyman
Law360 - October 18, 2019
"My brother, Scot Knutson. He is a retired decorated Marine and is the VP of New Business Development of Keef Brands. He served as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician in Iraq and Afghanistan before being honourably discharged after becoming disabled in the line of duty. Along with being a key player on the Keef Brands team, he is a medical cannabis advocate and also works with veterans in our home state of Colorado who are interested in joining the burgeoning cannabis market and helps them to get jobs."
Erik Knutson, CEO And Co-Founder Of Keef Brands
The Weekly Trends - October 07, 2019
Toke of the Week: Keef Sodas
OC Weekly - October 04, 2019
"Cannabis isn’t just buds and brownies anymore. Amid the mints, gummies, chocolates, rubs, and other THC-dosed incarnations, beverages are a newly established category, from dealcoholized beers and wines to energy drinks and soda pop. The latter is where Keef Cola is taking the lead, offering both classic flavors such as cola and root beer as well as jazzier tastes such as Blue Razz, Orange Kush, and Purple Passion. "
Keef Cola Welcomes Everyone to the Party
Santa Barbara Independent - September 10, 2019
"When I asked how the Department of Veterans Affairs can better accommodate the needs of veterans, Knutson was pretty straight-forward: "Cannabis needs to come out of the shadows and be talked about so there can be education about how to properly use it. It'd be helpful if the VA would be able to talk about it with veterans so they could receive the treatment they need — and also so they can prevent abuse.""
How this combat Marine kicked his painkiller addiction
We Are the Mighty - September 10, 2019
"“There are countless ways to consume cannabis, arguably none easier—or more sociable and intriguing—than simply sipping.”"
Gobbling Up the Market: Consumers Increasingly Seek Ingestible Products
MG Magazine - September 05, 2019
"Keef Cola manages to live up to its hype and grandiosity, delivering excellent taste and satisfying effects with ease. There are five flavors to choose from: Blue Razz, Bubba Kush Root Beer, Keef Cola Original, Orange Kush and Purple Passion. I tasted three of the five: Bubba Kush Root Beer, Keef Cola Original and Orange Kush. Each variety tastes exactly as it sounds."
Top of the pops
Sacramento News & Review - September 05, 2019
"As the legalization of both medical and recreational use of cannabis continues to sweep across the United States, more cannabis businesses are looking to expand into new markets. But owners and operators often try to do so at an unrealistic and risky pace. Rules and regulations vary from state to state, so it’s important to set yourself up for success by becoming well-versed in each state and region’s distinct regulatory landscape and make market-specific adjustments. It’s necessary to implement policies to satisfy safety and compliance requirements, avoid potential pitfalls, and build a strong foundation for long-term operations, sustainability and growth."
Breaking into New Markets: 4 Steps to Becoming a Successful MSO
Cannabis Business Executive - September 04, 2019
"“This is an upscale cannabis lounge that brings together all kinds of people and consumers to relax in their booths and experience a wide variety of products, including infused beverages,” says Knutson. "
5 U.S. Lounges Where You Can Smoke Weed (Legally)
AFAR - August 16, 2019
"Explicitly defined as potent, but dosed to be divvied out into 10mg shots, Colorado-based Keef Brand’s THC-infused lemonade ($17) is a sweet and summery addition to any virgin base."
Gift Guide: Alternative Cocktail Ingredients
Cool Hunting - August 14, 2019
"Explicitly defined as potent, but dosed to be divvied out into 10mg shots, Colorado-based Keef Brand’s THC-infused lemonade is a sweet and summery addition to any virgin base."
THC-Infused Lemonade
Cool Hunting - August 14, 2019
"I'm a better person explaining this drink to my readers, because it tastes so darned good, and it gets you really buzzed!"
Five Delicious Questions With Erik Knutson, CEO And Cofounder, Keef Brands
Forbes - August 13, 2019
"Cannabis infused drinks are quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to consume your smoke without smoking it. It’s easy to understand why; after all, sipping on a soda is far less obtrusive to do in public say, than puffing on a joint or even a vape pen. Some of us prefer beverages over edibles (not me, I love all cannabis products) and what is more refreshing in the hot days of summer than a frosty beverage. If that beverage also happens to get you high, so much the better. I especially recommend you try the Blue Razz flavor from Keef Brands. "
The 6 Best Cannabis Products to Try this Summer!
Grasscity Magazine - August 12, 2019
"Keef Brands CEO Erik Knutson discusses his company's cannabis-infused beverages, and why they haven't partnered with a larger distributor as the cannabis business continues to expand. He joins Yahoo Finance's Zack Guzman and Brian Sozzi, along with Courtney Dominguez, Payne Capital Management Financial Advisor, to discuss."
Keef introduces cannabis-infused beverages, including sodas and sparkling water
MSN - August 08, 2019
"Keef Brands CEO Erik Knutson discusses his company's cannabis-infused beverages, and why they haven't partnered with a larger distributor as the cannabis business continues to expand. He joins Yahoo Finance's Zack Guzman and Brian Sozzi, along with Courtney Dominguez, Payne Capital Management Financial Advisor, to discuss."
Keef introduces cannabis-infused beverages, including sodas and sparkling water
Yahoo! Finance - August 08, 2019
"Scot is a retired decorated Marine who is the Vice President of New Business Development at Keef Brands, a multi-state operating cannabis company and family business. Scot served as an Explosive Ordinance Disposal technician in Iraq and Afghanistan before being honorably discharged; he has gone through a great deal of mental and physical trauma and credits cannabis as a crucial component to his healing process. And even with his struggles, Scot still manages to lead a thriving, growing and award-winning cannabis brand, which he runs with his brother Erik."
Black & Khaki: From Marine Corps to Cannabis Entrepreneur
Enlighten Black & Khaki - August 07, 2019
""Our first beverage, you could turn it upside down and you'd see that cannabis go up and down," said Kim Stolz, Marketing Manager for Keef Brands, which makes cannabis-infused root beer and cola. Now, Stolz says, every sip of Keef's sodas contains the same amount of THC, thanks to a new process that's sweeping the industry."
Drink your Weed. Cannabis Drinks Expo
NBC Bay Area - August 05, 2019
"Extremely sweet, and surprisingly refreshing. The Orange Kush soda from Keef Cola is a sweet and crisp with almost no off-putting hash taste, but you can still taste that it is an adult soda."
Keef Cola Orange Kush – 10mg Cannabis Infused Soda
Ganja Gazette - August 05, 2019
"These refreshing beverages are “designed for the health-conscious consumer,” according to the Keef website. “Keef Life has less than 50 calories in the bottle, under five calories per serving. The built-in, re-sealable, child-resistant dosing cap allows customers to add Keef Life to their favorite (non-alcoholic) beverage as an enhancement, or enjoy it on its own as a stand-alone beverage.”"
Edibles: Porch-drinkin’ with Keef Life cannabis-infused beverages
DGO Magazine - August 01, 2019
"We believe that the best way to enjoy cannabis is also the easiest way to enjoy cannabis. Cannabis infused soft drinks like Keef Cola are a new way to experience the simple pleasure of a good drink with friends. Drinking is social, mainstream, and celebratory, so those consuming cannabis beverages can stay part of the party (rather than stepping outside to smoke), join in the toasts, keep the conversation going and share in the moments that make for great times. In addition, we strive to make a product for all pallets from soda to sparkling water, we believe there is a Keef for everyone."
Keef Brands – Tearing Down A Stigma About Cannabis Since 2010
Drinkpreneur - August 01, 2019
"Company Mission: Keef Brands’ mission is to create a cultural love affair with cannabis and become a familiar complement to life through products that whet your appetite and have you asking for more. Our vision is to celebrate and advance progress of the social adventure aspect of the cannabis category. We embody a bold vision of industry collaboration and consumer accessibility. Our goal is to remix the expectations of what cannabis is and isn’t with an inclusive gathering of friends, family, newcomers, old-timers, CannaSeurs and CannaCurious."
Executive Spotlight: Erik Knutson, Co-Founder & CEO of Keef Brands
Green Market Report - July 31, 2019
"Knutson says the tasting rooms popping up in California have been a "game-changer" now that they're producing the new sodas. "Being able to provide a social place where people can get together and consume together, I think really leverages our ability to provide that lubricant in a form other than alcohol," he said"
Keef Brands CEO Touts New Cannabis-Infused Sodas Amid Vaping Crackdowns
Cheddar - July 30, 2019
"Cannabis-infused beverages were red hot last year. Cannabinoids found their way into everything from cocktails to kombuchas."
The 10 Most Popular Weed Products from 2018 And What’s Up-and-Coming in 2019
Leafbuyer - July 16, 2019
"There is nothing new about Keef Cola's Bubba Kush-inspired root beer, nor do dark sodas come to mind when thinking about summer drinks. But it's f****** delicious, mixing a classic root beer flavor with the earthy, vanilla aftertaste of Bubba Kush. Instead of stopping by the drive-thru on your way home, drop a scoop of vanilla ice cream in this for a medicated float."
Ten Weed Edibles to Help You Keep Your Cool This Summer
Westword - July 13, 2019
"The cannabis industry as a whole wants to be more mainstream and get rid of the negative connotation it used to have. We don’t want that affiliation anymore. We want [consumers] to feel comfortable trying these products"
The Packaging Needs of the Emerging Cannabis Industry
Packaging Impressions - July 09, 2019
"This Fourth of July, why not indulge in an Americana classic with a slightly more modern twist— like a Keef Cola spiked Root Beer Float? With a massive dollop of good quality French Vanilla ice cream, you’ll be singing the praises of this classic treat in a whole new way—it’s adorned with 10 milligrams of THC."
Make This Classic Americana Delight for the Fourth
Emerald - July 04, 2019
Will canna-curious' adults ever ditch alcohol?
Beverage - June 25, 2019
"Keef CEO Erik Knutson told SND that Cola flavors Original, Bubba Kush Root Beer, Blue Razz, Orange Kush, and Purple Passion (all 10 mg of THC a 12-ounce bottle) launched statewide last week and should be in approximately 400 retailer locations by the end of the year."
Cannabis News Briefs
Shanken News Daily - June 25, 2019
"Keef Brands, a Colorado-based cannabis-infused beverages company, launched Keef Cola in Northern California. Keef is working with CannaCraft to manufacture and distribute the products in California."
The Week In Cannabis
Benzinga - June 23, 2019
"For those who find smoking gross and edibles too strong, new easy-drinking weed beverages — from beer to soda, liquor and mocktails — are here."
The Rolling Stone Guide to Summer 2019
Rolling Stone - June 22, 2019
"The next evolution of drinking with friends has arrived in the Golden State! Keef Brands, a leading developer, producer and distributor of cannabis-infused beverages, edibles, concentrates and more, has launched its award-winning portfolio of cannabis-infused sodas, Keef Cola, in Northern California."
Keef Brands Brings Award-Winning Line of Cannabis Infused Beverages to Northern California
Cannabis Business Executive - June 20, 2019
"We’re thrilled to be back in the California marketplace,” said CEO Erik Knutson, who in 2010 with his brother Kelly Knutson co-founded Keef Brands as one of the first companies to infuse soda with cannabis."
Keef Cola Launches in Northern California
BevNet - June 19, 2019
"Connecting with California consumers, both the canna-curious and experienced enthusiasts, helps us further our mission to strengthen a positive cannabis culture and community. By offering another way to consume cannabis in the form of high-grade beverage products, we are able to complement social, positive and healthy lifestyles."
Keef Cola brings cannabis-infused soda to California
GreenState - June 19, 2019
Hempsession Erik Knutson CEO of Keef Beverages Interview at MjBizCon Next 2019
YouTube - June 14, 2019
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